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ECDL Level 2

The ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is one of the most widely recognised computing qualifications. ECDL Level 2 is made up of the following courses:


  • Word processing - Develops the learner's ability to create word-processed documents: entering text, editing and formatting work, using graphs, tables and pictures for a professional finish, and effectively using tools such as spell-checker and mail merge
  • Spreadsheets - helps the learner develop a working knowledge of spreadsheets, from entering data and formatting worksheets, to creating charts and producing high-quality documents
  • Presentations - Shows the learner how to produce high-quality presentations using a variety of tools including charts, graphs and drawn objects
  • Improving productivity using IT - Enables the learner to work more effectively with IT. This unit looks at using tools to save time and effort when producing word processed documents, presentations and spreadsheets


How do I get started?

After each of these modules you will be tested on the skills you have learnt and use them to demonstrate your knowledge on the subject via an online test.

By the end of your course you will receive a level 2 certificate recognised by both public and private sector organisations.


The benefits of the ECDL qualification:

  • ECDL lets you show your current employer  'or any future employer'  that you have reached a recognised, international standard in IT.
  • ECDL is flexible. We'll work out with you the skills which you need to develop and then you can learn at a pace which suits you.
  • ECDL may help to fill in any gaps you feel you have in your IT skills, quickly and easily.
  • ECDL will help you to improve your IT skills and use IT more effectively in your home or workplace.
  • ECDL will help you to improve productivity using IT (a course that helps you choose the right software for a given task.)


There may also be funding available for you to get the course free of charge if:

  • You are out of work and claiming benefits
  • Have 5 GCSEs or less
  • You live in Congleton


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